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For over 10 years Revolution Martial Fitness, has been dedicated to bringing people of all ages the best in self-defense training, physical fitness, and overall personal development.  Our mission is to encourage, motivate, and challenge our students to be their best by reinforcing positive habits while striving to lead by example.

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This is my first time taking martial arts (blended kempo) though I have been interested for much of my life (turning 40 next month). The style at Revolution Martial Fitness (“RMF”) is practical since we spend equal amounts of time on striking and grappling techniques (think karate/kempo and jujitsu). If it were just one, I probably would be less interested. The classes are generally not just focused on technique, but conditioning and strength training as well. Hence, when I come to class from work, I have the opportunity to have a great workout while learning mixed martial arts as well in one hour. The culture is great - everyone feels welcome regardless of experience, gender, or age (though classes are segregated by age group). The culture tone is set at the top by Sensei Paul Castagno who is a fifth degree black belt and continues to study in various martial arts techniques (hence knows what he's talking about), but even more impressive, he is a great teacher and motivator and just an all-around great guy. My 8 year old daughter has been a student at RMF for over two years now and lives for it. I can't recommend RMF more for both kids and adults.–Ken

My 6 yr old daughter started at Revolution Martial Fitness about 10 months ago…and she LOVES it!!! She is gaining more & more confidence every day. Sensei Paul Castagno, the instructor, is amazing with kids. Every time Sensei Paul steps foot on the mat, he gives his all…he is full of energy and the kids respond amazing well to him. He teaches the kids to avoid fighting, but to know how to defend if necessary. He also promotes teamwork and respect.  I drive my daughter from Waltham to Natick for class…during rush hour…not a fun ride – but I will continue to do it because, for us, Revolution Martial Fitness is THE martial arts school.–Heather

This is the first martial arts studio I've trained in where I actually feel that what I am learning is applicable to a real life self defense scenario. The instructor and owner (Paul Castagno) is extremely passionate about what and how he teaches making for an experience that is like no other. The fellow students are very supportive and willing to help. Teamwork, respect, integrity, are seen and encouraged in both the children and adult classes as is living the black belt lifestyle outside of classes. The dojo is interactive in the community doing events such as Relay for Life and bully proof programs. Also, you will always get a great workout when you come to class regardless of your fitness level. –Chelsea