At Revolution Martial Fitness, we believe martial arts training can be extremely beneficial for teenagers. We seek to create an environment that reinforces positive habits and challenges them to be their personal best!

Physical Fitness/Self-Defense

Through our classes, the students will get a great workout while learning an effective form of martial arts. Our mixed style not only creates well-rounded students, but it challenges the body in many different ways that will increase their overall level of fitness.

Mental Fitness

On top of the obvious physical benefits, our program has powerful mental benefits. Our high quality instructors create an environment that allows kids to thrive. Our classes have been show to:

  • Increase confidence
  • Increase awareness
  • Increase focus
  • Increase overall effort

Character Development

The most recent studies have shown that the brains of teenagers go through a phase of reinforcing the connections that they use and weeding out the ones that don’t. More info on our Blog!

Because of this, we feel it is important to reinforce positive habits while they are training.

Through our classes we promote values like:

  •  Health and fitness
  •  Manners and respect
  •  Discipline and perseverance
  •  Personal responsibility
  •  Kindness
  •  Non-violent conflict resolution
  •  Goal-setting
  •  The value of commitment and practice

By doing this, we aim to give teenagers skills they can use for the rest of their lives!

Once students reach the intermediate level they are eligible to join our Project Based Leadership Program.